How to Get Your Credit Card Debt Dismissed?

Debt dismissal becomes a good solution for most of the people. As a matter of fact, it’s considered better than debt settlement. It’s difficult when someone overwhelmed with liability. He should look for debt relief soon. Some people take dismissed with prejudice while the others take choose debt consolidation. The second option is the most common among them. It combines the entire debt into a single payment in the next month. It’s both convenient and simple. Still, it doesn’t reduce their total amount of debt. Another thing to consider is the tax. Dismissed debt is way much better than debt settlement. It doesn’t include taxes.

Some students choose to get a loan to continue their education. They can get loans from various loan services. However, they have to pay debts every month. As long as they are still able to pay the debt, they must pay it off. In certain cases, they can get student loan forgiveness or study debt load dismissal. What is student loan forgiveness? Let us find out all about student loan forgiveness programs that can really help many students.

What is Student Loan Forgiveness?

Student loan forgiveness is a current program that is issued by President Trump. During the COVID 19 outbreak, many students failed to pay the student loan forgiveness bill because they did not have an income anymore. Loan forgiveness is almost similar to loan discharge or cancellation. In this case, you no longer need to pay your loan permanently or temporarily. This program is not only available for students, but it is also available for teachers. The disability of repaying the loan makes the debt accumulate so that students and teachers cannot pay their debt.

How does Student Loan Dismissal Work?

Loan dismissal or loan forgiveness can only be obtained if you are eligible for it. It depends on the factors that make you unable to pay the debt. As it occurs during the Coronavirus outbreak where many students are unable to repay their debt. So, the organization, agency, and loan services offer this remission so students do not have to pay or at least only pay half of the debt temporarily and permanently depending on the regulation and eligibility.

What are the Types of Forgiveness, Cancellation, and Discharge?

In general, forgiveness, discharge, and cancellation have the same meaning, but they are used in different ways. Forgiveness and discharge may mean somebody who does not have to pay a loan because of their job. Meanwhile, discharge can mean somebody who cannot pay a loan due to other situations like permanent and total disability. These terms also come with several types such as:

  1. Public Service Loan Forgiveness

For those who work for non-profit organizations or government, they can get loan forgiveness under the PSLF (Public Service Loan Forgiveness) program. But, you need to qualify so you get forgiveness for the remaining balance. But, you should have at least made 129 qualifying monthly payments.

  1. Teacher Loan Forgiveness

If you are a teacher working full-time in a low-income school such as an elementary school, educational service agency, secondary school, you may qualify for teacher loan forgiveness up to $ 18,000 in the FFEL program and Direct Loan.

  1. Closed School Discharge

This loan forgiveness program is available for Perkins Loans, FFEL program loans, and Direct Loan. If you have been enrolling while the school suddenly closes or immediately after you withdraw, then you probably qualify for the student loan forgiveness.

  1. Perkins Loan Cancellation and Discharge

This loan forgiveness program is only available for Federal Perkins Loan. You may qualify to get cancellation over your Perkins Loan or discharge under certain circumstances including the cancellation of Perkins Loan Teacher.

  1. Permanent and Total Disability Charge

The student loan forgiveness is available for Perkins Loans, FFEL program loans, and Direct Loans. This program allows you to permanently get a discharge of the federal student loan.

  1. Discharge due to Death

It is also available for Perkins Loans, FFEL program loans, and Direct Loans. If the borrowers die while they still have debt, then they are no longer pay the loan or federal student loan will be discharged permanently.

Well, those are several types of Student loan forgiveness available. There are other types of forgiveness such as Unpaid refund discharge, False certification discharge, Borrower Defense to Repayment, and Discharge in Bankruptcy.

How to Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness?

It is not easy to get student loan forgiveness. Besides, each student loan provider has its own rule and regulation in order to provide loan forgiveness and cancellation. You need to contact your loan service to know more about the student loan forgiveness program.

What if your application is approved? Suppose you are eligible for student loans forgiveness, then you don’t have to pay the loan anymore. Maybe, you get a discounted installment discount so you don’t pay your debt in full. If the application is denied, then you still have to pay the debt repayments according to the applicable rules. During this Coronavirus outbreak, it seems that it is a good time to apply for student loan forgiveness.

What Are the Benefits of Student Loan Forgiveness?

The student loan dismissal program from the department of education is very helpful for students who are studying but have lost their jobs. This program also applies to teachers. Of course, this student loan forgiveness program from President Trump provides many benefits including:

  • Students don’t need to pay the loan anymore
  • Students can save their money for other purposes
  • They can fulfill their daily needs
  • They can still study happily because they don’t need to think about monthly payments

How Long Did Student Loan Forgiveness Last?

The purpose of student loan dismissal is to ease the burden on students who have loans while they study. So, most likely the student loan forgiveness bill will be valid for several years until the situation returns to normal. At present, many students fail to pay debts due to the spread of the coronavirus. If COVID 19 ends later, you may have to continue repaying outstanding debts. You do not need to pay debts that have been forgiven.

In summary, student loan forgiveness is a program that can help all students so that they no longer pay loans during the coronavirus pandemic or other reasons. This also applies to teachers who are affected by the spread of the coronavirus. You must apply for a loan dismissal to the agency or the department of education so that you no longer pay your debt repayments. However, the organization still needs to check your eligibility. Suppose you are eligible for a student loan forgiveness program, then you are not obliged to repay the loan anymore. It is really beneficial for students who don’t have enough money and lose their jobs.

As mentioned earlier, debt dismissal is a nice solution. Though, most of the debts can’t be dismissed without prejudice. This is a minor issue, though. When it is about debt settlement, people need to default on their debt. Once they fulfill this issue, they can hire a particular service to help them settle the debt. Moreover, it only applies when there have been some missed payments. What is the result? It may negatively affect their capability to get credit in the near future. In this case, debt dismissal or debt arbitration is the only choice. People can avoid bad credit record.

Both individuals and corporations are able to perform a bankruptcy discharge. It’s a simple answer to deal with overwhelming debt. However, filing for bankruptcy requires many efforts. People can get free from their debt easily. Overall, it doesn’t happen overnight. Not to mention they need to follow the procedures. The aim of filing bankruptcy is to obtain their discharge. It’s a legal document. It shows that their debt has been erased legally. They don’t need to deal with their debts anymore. As long as the debts are listed in this application, they can get relieved. How long does it last? It depends on many factors such as previous bankruptcy record, extra income, etc.

Debt settlement negotiation is a debt reduction agreement that is carried out between the debtor and creditor (bank). This is one step that can be taken when the debtor finds it difficult to pay the installments. Debt settlement is generally done when the debtor experiences financial difficulties, job losses, or a decrease in income so that he experiences a decline in ability to repay debt. For example, a debtor has an installment of 100 dollars per month. After a few months, he found it difficult to pay the installments because of a decrease in income. In order to avoid being confiscated, he chose to file a debt settlement which was intended so that he could get the installment waivers. The bank will then looks at the amount of revenue now and determine the number of the settlement the debtor might get. This might sound like a good solution, and yes it is (for some reasons), but is debt settlement worth it?

How Much does Debt Settlement Affect your Credit Score?

Each debtor will have a credit score. The score is obtained from the number of loans, loan term, timeliness of installments, and the number of installments. The score will influence the decision of the bank to submit a loan. The most influential thing in determining the credit score is the accuracy of payments and the number of installments. A debtor will have a good credit score when he can pay installments on time. Late payments will affect the bank’s rating. The bank will see how often a debtor pays installments; the more often, the worse. Late payments will result in a low credit score of a debtor. This will affect the bank’s decision when the debtor applies for a loan at a later time.

You need to know that debt settlement is also included in the bank’s assessment criteria. There are debt settlement pros and cons. Some debtors will consider it as the best way to settle debts. Those who agree with debt settlement are those who do not want to lose their guarantees. Some of them are aware that debt settlement will reduce their credit score, some are not aware, and the rest do not care about credit scores as long as they do not lose their collateral.

Without debt settlement, the bank will determine your credit score from several aspects (loan amount, loan term, timeliness of installments, and installment amount), but when you apply for debt settlement, this will be the criteria for credit score by the bank. Debtors who submit debt settlement are usually those who often make late payments. As mentioned earlier, late payment is a criterion that will reduce the credit score of a debtor. The decrease in credit score will be greater when a debtor submits a debt settlement. This will be very bad for your banking records. Let us say that you will find it very difficult to get a loan or even get a refusal to apply for a loan. Everything must have a positive and negative side; one side is that you will not lose assets, but on the other hand, you may have difficulties in getting banking services.

Is it Good to do Debt Settlement?

Well, this depends on you. The above paragraph has stated that debt settlement has a good side and a bad side. So, when you ask “Is it good to do debt settlement?” The answer is “Relative”. This will be bad when you think about the possibility of another loan application in the future. We never know when urgent needs will come. When these needs come and you don’t have enough money to cover it, then one way is to apply for a loan from the bank. With the debt settlement record, you will be faced with the possibility of refusing a loan proposal or getting a loan far below the amount you need. This will clearly put you in a very difficult position. You might think that you will apply for a loan from another bank. Well, in fact, every bank has the authority to ask for someone’s credit score from another bank and it is bad for you.

The good side of debt settlement is that you will not lose the assets that you guarantee to the bank. Debtors often make the house as a guarantee of applying for a loan to the bank. The problem is simple, the bank will most likely approve your loan proposal when you guarantee your house. With the debt settlement, you will still be able to pay off debts and still have your assets. This is good for all family members because they will not lose their homes due to debt. After your debt is complete, you will feel like you have a new life or a second chance. Imagine if you had to lose your home, what would you do? Another debt? Well, not having a home is one of the worst things in your life, I assure you that. This all goes back to everyone’s decision. You alone can decide what’s best for you and your family.

One thing you should know is that a debt settlement agreement does not only involve you and the bank, but there is a third party called the debt settlement companies or debt settlement attorney. The company or attorney will help you to submit the settlement. They will help you to calculate the amount of decline in the ideal amount of settlement. But you also have to know that they will get some money every month from the new installments that you have. Although this does not mean that this is a bad thing, often the decrease in the number of installments that you will get is not too far from the amount of the initial installments.

Never think that you will get a large number of installments. The debt settlement calculator will only produce, at most, 20% of the initial installments. This amount does not include the amount of money that will be deposited to the settlement company/attorney. Overall, the largest possible number of pieces you can get is 10-15%. Like it or not, this calculation mechanism applies. This is why there are still many debtors who are declared bankrupt or lose their assets. The company or attorney is more likely works on credit card debt settlement.

How Long Does a Debt Settlement Stay on Your Credit Report?

The debt settlement will be recorded on a debtor credit report or credit score like forever. The bank will not delete this record to be taken into consideration when a debtor wants to apply for a loan at a later time. Before applying for a loan, you should think about the number of installments and time. Adjust to your financial condition. Taking small installments but in a long time seems like a good choice. This is based on the ability to fulfill daily needs and the high possibility for you to pay off debts. It will be better than you have to file debt settlement or even end up losing your assets.

You cannot underestimate your credit report because this record will determine your relationship and the bank in the future. This note is absolute. This will be the main basis for banks to determine service policies for you. Not only loan service, but this record will also be used to determine policies for providing other services such as credit cards or housing loans.

What is Better: Debt Consolidation or Debt Settlement?

Actually, it is difficult to determine which is better between debt consolidation and debt settlement. These two debt repayment policies both have advantages and disadvantages. You alone can determine which is better between the two. Debt consolidation may have more convenience, but it is very difficult for a debtor to get it. A debtor will get a debt consolidation, only when he has more than one debt and usually in large amounts. These debts will be combined and then he can pay them with low interest. This is usually done by a debtor who has debt from bank, credit card and housing debt at the same time. Basically, these two types of debt repayment assistance work in the same way; provide the smallest installment interest. The bank will not provide a better solution than that. For banks, the debtor only has two choices; pay off debt or lose assets.

Debt is something you can only do in a forced state. Having debt is not a pleasant thing. You have a risk of losing something in a debt agreement. A debt will not be a problem as long as you can pay it, but this will cause serious problems (and trigger other problems) when you can’t pay it. When you experience difficulties in repaying debt, one of the best options you have is to file a debt settlement. This will help you to pay off your debt. In this situation, the only thing you can do is follow the solutions and rules given by the bank. Before you submit a debt settlement, it is better if you are looking for debt settlement reviews and conduct a consultation with the bank regarding the possibility of providing such facilities.

Many People Are In Trouble

It’s also important to learn chapter 13 bankruptcy. What is it exactly? It’s a kind of bankruptcy that allows people to look for debt relief through the court of law. Usually, it happens in people who deal with home foreclosure. It helps them stop the foreclosure immediately. They can use it to keep their homes and other possessions safe while facing creditors. Some people also use it to get back on track. Still, they need the help from a lawyer to file this type of bankruptcy. So, is it recommended to use a service to help them deal with debt collectors? It depends on the companies’ reliability. Some of them promise more than they can help.

Life can be tough sometimes. Many people are struggling under lots of debt. This makes debt negotiation important. People are able to deal with debts and make things more controllable. This is what they call credit settlement. For instance, they can negotiate lower payments. This can work either in a permanent or temporary way. Before they call in the collector, they must make a plan. Not to mention they should learn some negotiation strategies. Unfortunately, not all people are able to negotiate. They need to use the help from an expert, instead.

Remember, debt settlement also works on students. For instance, they can file student loan bankruptcy. There are several options for student loan repayment. Not all students know how to get student loan relief, though. It’s a thrilling experience when students are unable to pay back their loans. They may think about their credit score. It’s going bad, for sure. No worries. They have a solution. The simplest strategy is to delay payments on their loans. This can be done through forbearance programs. There are other methods, as well. They can consolidate their loans into a single loan.

Debt Consolidation is Always an Option

Overall, debt is a common issue among people. In many cases, they aren’t able to repay their loans. They can avoid it by taking a discharge petition. Once the court grants them a discharge order, they become a bankrupt person. This gratification helps them release their current debts. That means they are able to wipe clean their debt using such discharged bankruptcy. As the result, they can make a fresh start. They are able to open for a business, apply for credit, etc. This doesn’t affect their credit score. Unfortunately, they lack information and experience. Filling this petition isn’t easy. I most cases, they need a lawyer.

Whether it is bankruptcy student loans or regular bankruptcy, people can walk away from their debts. Student loans and mortgages are measured problematic to release, though. The law has made it complicated to discharge both student and mortgage loan. It’s due to common belief. Promoting an access to higher education and homeownership is considered beneficial for the society. Homeownership helps people build prosperity. In terms of education, they can achieve better salaries with it. The bankruptcy discharge is though in student loans and home loans. It becomes easier if people hire an attorney.

Further Discussion

 Today, many people are into debt write off. They look for a better debt settlement. However, they must learn the risk as well. For example, they put their house in danger. The most popular form of settlement is refinancing the house. It makes sense in terms of finance. The loan rates are indeed lower than those rates of the credit card. There’s a problem, though. Home refinancing turns unsecured debt into the secured one. People must risk their house in this process. As an alternative, they can take bankruptcy loans. It’s useful when they are living with uncontrollable debts.

Another consideration is the credit card lawsuit. They are able to negotiate a credit card. However, credit reporting agencies observe the process in a regular manner. Not to mention people should be 3 months behind on their CC payments. This is a prime requirement prior to negotiating. After all, credit card forgiveness remains on their report for years. Just because they have gained forgiveness, doesn’t mean they can wipe out their debt entirely. On top of that, they can’t avoid bad credit with it.

Credit card is an easily available source of capital arrangement which is ideal to be used in urgent needs of funds. But to earn more and more financial gains, banking and finance sector has promoted it as a source for shopping and other daily expenses. Credit cards comes with the high interest payouts upon the used credit limit, hence it is an expensive way to attain redundant facilities. It is seen, often, that this payback with high interest becomes issue at the time of payment and causes a credit card debt to a person, making them defaulter.

In case of payment default, people use to go with the couple of option; debt settlement and debt dismissal. Debt settlement is a process of settling down the entire amount at negotiated price whereas debt dismissal is a process under which it is not required to pay back the debt amount entirely. Credit card debt dismissal can be done without and with prejudice. The option of debt dismissed without prejudice is followed by a legal case against defaulter or the debt collector can sue the defaulter again. Once the creditor has notified any of its debt holders, it is necessary to make the arrangements of debt discharge or to challenge them in the court of law.

As soon as the case is called upon by the respected court of law, the decision can be taken into consideration by the legal bench and further judicial proclamation consisting of debt relief or debt payout orders can be obtained. In case of looking for dismissal of entire debt, a person can claim a social security aspect to guard its payout failure. This can be done by asking for considering regarding individuals debt to income ratio (DTI), which represents part of debtor’s monthly income used to pay its loan amount. If the ratio of the DTI of a defaulter exceeds more than a legally determined scale then the debt payout is considered as unjust and can be dismissed by the honorable court of law. These kinds of judgments are based on the argument that the person’s ability of payout a debt is misinterpreted for the purpose of false financial gain by the credit company and thus now default amount should be bear by them. It is not advised and illegal to borrow the loan beyond the capacity of person’s debt to income ratio, which is a measure of an individual debt paying capacity.

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Examples of violations:

Collection calls and letters/bills after receipt of attorney’s representation letter (each attempt incurs monetary damages/ used to offset and dismiss the original debt)

Inability to calculate payments without using algorithms

Not able to produce documentation of charges

Change of interest rate from time of origination

Pros and Cons of Debt Settlement

If you have so much debt, you may begin to find a way out.  Most of the people would prefer a debt resolution or debt settlement. The debt resolution vs debt settlement is an option to solve any debt matter. It is a choice which promises to help you solve your debt problem for much less than what you have owed to be a solution for their financial woes. However, it is not that easy to solve the debt. Debt settlement is not everyone and without consequences and pitfalls. What is actually debt settlement? It is simply hiring a debt settlement services or debt resolution companies to help you negotiate on the personal collection, loan, and credit card to get lower payoffs. Some of those debt negotiation services usually offer their service as debt consolidation in which the objective is the debt settlement negotiation with your lenders or creditors.

Debt Settlement Overview

The debt settlement is known to be able to reduce the payment which you must do each month that will be converted into manageable payment. You first have to accumulate numbers of debt you have so your debt negotiation services will manage your debt. Usually, it is done by onetime payment and the service will handle your debt about 75% of your balance. Somehow, debt settlement can be a great idea to save money and you will never pay to your creditor anymore. You may settle your debt with a zero balance but your delinquency history will still be there.

You may need to know that this process will harm your credit, but if you really do not have a way to solve your debt, applying for credit card debt settlement can be a good idea. Somehow, you will still be called by your creditor and ask about the payment. It happens to you because you do not tell your creditor that you are in the program of debt settlement and then forward your creditors to the debt resolution companies for faster solution relating to your debt. You also need to be more “saving” and throw out your spending habit and start with the debt resolution. After the debt is settled, you can go to the program of credit repair for credit rebuilding up. The process may take a long time but it can be better for you.

The Process of Debt Settlement

If you decide to hire a debt settlement service, then it means that you hire a debt settlement attorney to negotiate with your creditor or when you want to get credit card debt settlement. The service has a duty to negotiate much lower money to pay for you. The debt negotiation services will pay your debt to the creditors, but you also have to pay debt settlement to the company each month. You must be asked for not to communicate with your collector or lender when hiring a debt settlement company. The purpose is to make your collector feels desperate over the debt payment so that they will be open minded and be able to accept the settlement deal that will be made. The deal is made so that the credit card company or the lender will agree to let you pay lower payoff.

The Pros and Cons of Debt Settlement

There are also some debt settlement pros and cons that you have to know. There is a clear benefit of debt settlement in which you can pay single monthly payment that is really affordable and it is even much lower. Suppose the settlement is acceptable, you may pay so much lesser than your debt. The amount would be less than 50 percent of the actual debt which means that you can save your money for the future.

Somehow, you must not forget the cons of the debt settlement that you may not wish to have. There are several cons that you can get when dealing with debt settlement. The debt settlement cannot be used by the people who do not have poor credit. So, you must have very poor credit unless your credit score will be dangerous. When you finally settle your credit card debt relief government, the Credit Card Company, collector, and the lender would make a debt report as “the settlement accepted which will make your credit card report damaged for 7 years.

In addition, despite you do not care about your collector as you are asked by the debt negotiation services, they would still make a late payment status report that will be given to credit bureaus in which it is still becoming bad until the account goes to collection or charged off or it is already settled as it becomes the main goal of a debt settlement company. There is still another drawback in which when you pay the settlement service, the company commonly does not tell you the exact money you must pay monthly and how much is the fee for the service.

In summary, debt settlement service or debt negotiation services can be a good option for those who really need it but it can also be bad. It is better for you to solve your debt without debt resolution companies when you can solve it by yourself. Besides, this debt settlement letter also cannot be used by arbitrary persons. It means that there are some people who can use this settlement service. Suppose you really want to hire a debt settlement service, you have to know the exact cost that you have to pay each month to the company so that everything will be clean and transparent and you will not get a loss at all.