How to Get Your Credit Card Debt Dismissed?

How to get your credit card debt dismissed?

Credit card is an easily available source of capital arrangement which is ideal to be used in urgent needs of funds. But to earn more and more financial gains, banking and finance sector has promoted it as a source for shopping and other daily expenses. Credit cards comes with the high interest payouts upon the used credit limit, hence it is an expensive way to attain redundant facilities. It is seen, often, that this payback with high interest becomes issue at the time of payment and causes a credit card debt to a person, making them defaulter.

In case of payment default, people use to go with the couple of option; debt settlement and debt dismissal. Debt settlement is a process of settling down the entire amount at negotiated price whereas debt dismissal is a process under which it is not required to pay back the debt amount entirely. Credit card debt dismissal can be done without and with prejudice. The option of debt dismissed without prejudice is followed by a legal case against defaulter or the debt collector can sue the defaulter again. Once the creditor has notified any of its debt holders, it is necessary to make the arrangements of debt discharge or to challenge them in the court of law.

As soon as the case is called upon by the respected court of law, the decision can be taken into consideration by the legal bench and further judicial proclamation consisting of debt relief or debt payout orders can be obtained. In case of looking for dismissal of entire debt, a person can claim a social security aspect to guard its payout failure. This can be done by asking for considering regarding individuals debt to income ratio (DTI), which represents part of debtor’s monthly income used to pay its loan amount. If the ratio of the DTI of a defaulter exceeds more than a legally determined scale then the debt payout is considered as unjust and can be dismissed by the honorable court of law. These kinds of judgments are based on the argument that the person’s ability of payout a debt is misinterpreted for the purpose of false financial gain by the credit company and thus now default amount should be bear by them. It is not advised and illegal to borrow the loan beyond the capacity of person’s debt to income ratio, which is a measure of an individual debt paying capacity.

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The banking industry routinely violates the law…just recently HSBC Bank was fined $1.9 billion for laundering drug cartel money; American Express was fined $112.5 Million for customer debt collection practices and Capital One was fined $25 million and forced to refund $140 million to its customers!!

Chances are, if you have had your credit cards for more than one year and have had a change in the terms, conditions and/or interest rate in your card…then your rights have been violated under U.S. Federal Law. Most likely, your bank has treated you with unfair & deceptive practices and these violations can be the basis for our panel of attorneys to DISMISS YOUR DEBT!!

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In the last quarter (4Q 2012), our panel member attorneys have dismissed or partially dismissed over $1,776,766.12 in consumer debt. These dismissals included various stipulations that included many of them having no 1099 liability and the trade line being deleted as well.

They also obtained $249,325 in fines for violations of consumer protection statutes that various creditors and collections companies were guilty of.

The results that the attorneys on our panel can achieve are real. They are documented and can be discussed with your assigned attorney when he reviews your case and accepts you as a client.

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Examples of violations:

Collection calls and letters/bills after receipt of attorney’s representation letter (each attempt incurs monetary damages/ used to offset and dismiss the original debt)

Inability to calculate payments without using algorithms

Not able to produce documentation of charges

Change of interest rate from time of origination