Legal Aid Solicitor for Debt Dismissal To Relieve Debt

Debt Troubles Got You Down?

Do you have at least $10,000 in credit card and other unsecured debt?

Are you struggling to make your payments?

Has your lender violated your rights as a consumer?

Would you like to have your debts- LEGALLY DISMISSED without hurting your credit and have the protection of an Attorney throughout the process?

Our network of Attorneys can represent you and LEGALLY HAVE YOUR DEBT DISMISSED using U.S. Federal laws!

The banking industry routinely violates the law…just recently HSBC Bank was fined $1.9 billion for laundering drug cartel money; American Express was fined $112.5 Million for customer debt collection practices and Capital One was fined $25 million and forced to refund $140 million to its customers!!

Chances are, if you have had your credit cards for more than one year and have had a change in the terms, conditions and/or interest rate in your card…then your rights have been violated under U.S. Federal Law. Most likely, your bank has treated you with unfair & deceptive practices and these violations can be the basis for our panel of attorneys to DISMISS YOUR DEBT!!

Our program is completely different from Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement provides you no legal protection; can have significant IRS tax consequences (1099C) and will have negative credit score implications…

Debt Dismissal provides you full legal protection; has no tax consequences; offers credit score protection and will take half the time to achieve a successful conclusion!!

It’s time for you to take a stand and FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!

This is the sensible alternative to Bankruptcy..

Availble to consumers who are current, delinquent, being sued; but not for those who are post judgement…..

In the last quarter (4Q 2012), our panel member attorneys have dismissed or partially dismissed over $1,776,766.12 in consumer debt. These dismissals included various stipulations that included many of them having no 1099 liability and the trade line being deleted as well.

They also obtained $249,325 in fines for violations of consumer protection statutes that various creditors and collections companies were guilty of.

The results that the attorneys on our panel can achieve are real. They are documented and can be discussed with your assigned attorney when he reviews your case and accepts you as a client.

Not available in Canada….

Don’t Be A Victim

Examples of violations:

Collection calls and letters/bills after receipt of attorney’s representation letter (each attempt incurs monetary damages/ used to offset and dismiss the original debt)

Inability to calculate payments without using algorithms

Not able to produce documentation of charges

Change of interest rate from time of origination

Dismissed Without Prejudice

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Help with Debt Consolidation

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